Finding the Secret Ceramic Shop

It’s no secret that I like pottery.
I don’t just like it… I love it.
It’s kind of an obsession with me.

Bowls, in particular. I love bowls.
I’ve carried them home in my knapsack
from four continents.

DP knows how I feel.
For my birthday he gave me
a gorgeous blue and white bowl.

When I asked him where it was from,
he said that it was a secret.
His secret ceramic shop.

I asked, kidded and coerced
but he would not give up the location.
Finally I realized that he was concerned
that we don’t have space in our apartment
for all the beautiful things I would buy.

I didn’t hold it against him.
{He was right.}

Then my mom came to visit.
Life unfolded (as it does)
and our trip to Tokyo’s Oriental Bazaar
fell through.
DP thought that maybe my mom
might like to visit
his secret store.

“Are you sure?” asked my mom.
“Yes”, I shouted.
Then it occurred to me
that I was not necessarily invited.

“I think that’s a terrific idea.”
I said, changing tactics.

DP smiled. (Oh he has my number, alright.)

We set out on our walk on a Saturday afternoon.
DP, mom and me.
We walked along Motomachi Shopping Street
on our way to find secret treasures.

{As it turned out
we had a little space left
for new bowls.}


  1. I found it on Friday afternoon. In the rain. Have you seen the beautiful plates behind the counter? And the price of them???

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