What is beautiful? Talking with teenagers about body image

Michelle Vogel, my friend and former NIST colleague, and I will be presenting a session at the 2012 Teachers’ Conference of EARCOS (The East Asia Regional Council of Schools) tomorrow – March 29th – in Bangkok, Thailand.

Our talk is entitled “What is beautiful? Talking with teenagers about body image”.

We have attached a PDF of the presentation (beware… this is a large document) as well as some resources around body image.

  1. What Is Beautiful: EARCOS Session 2012 by Vogel + McDiarmid (PDF)

  2. Resources from What is Beautiful Session (PDF)

We hope that these materials will be helpful to you as an educator, parent, student – or as a person determined to have a better relationship with your body and appearance.


  1. You GO Girrrrllls! I know you will create a good connection with your audience and inspire others to be similarly innovative! Love you two. allie

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