Buffy vs Bella: Raising Girls to Thrive in a Vampire World

On Saturday 24 March, I will be presenting a session at The 4th Annual Rome Conference on Emotional Well-Being at Marymount International School.

Here is the PDF from my session: Buffy vs. Bella: Raising Girls to Thrive in a Vampire World

(Please note that this document is quite large and may take some time to download.)

Also, here is a copy of A Confidence Manifesto for Girls.



  1. Loved the presentation Monna. Just wish I could have seen you present it! Thank you for sharing it. The pictures of Rome are beautiful. ox

    1. Thanks, Ashley. I so wish you had been there as well… I would not have been so nervous and we could have co-presented 🙂 I really appreciate your kind encouragement… you are a most amazing friend!

  2. You couldn’t have chosen a better metaphor. Mass media has become one of the most powerful agents of socialization for young people today, providing images on which they can pattern their lives. Thank you for this very insightful work. (I think boys have a lot to take away from it, too.)

    1. Hi Rafael. Thanks for your lovely comment. I totally agree that it’s time for girls and boys to recognize the power they have to imagine and create new images on which to pattern their lives.

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