One Day in Rome (for remembering)

It’s just after 6:00 a.m. in The Eternal City called Rome.

I had forgotten how loud Europe is… and the enormous passion with which the Italians conduct their daily lives including the parking of their cars and the greeting of their neighbours early in the morning.

I had forgotten how the gorgeous sunlight spills down over ochre walls making the whole city appear as if it is in love.

I had forgotten how perfectly Europe fits me.

Yesterday, on my first day in Rome, I began to remember. (Sometimes, images are so much better than words.)


  1. Zinta and I travelled to Rome in February of 2011. It’s already her favourite place in the world (and she’s been to 10 countries in Europe!). The eternal city, indeed…

    1. Rena!
      Please tell Miss Zinta that I think she has extremely good taste in cities.
      Rome, she’s a knockout in a golden-coloured ballgown.
      Thanks for telling me that Rome is Zinta’s favourite.

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