Gratitude 365

If the only prayer you said in your whole life was, “thank you,” that would suffice. ~ Meister Eckhart

So I’m keeping a gratitude journal this year.

It isn’t the first time. I have counted my blessings in writing – in a little journal – and online through Happy Rambles which my friend Ashley introduced me to.

This year, I decided that each day I would take and post, on flickr, a photograph of one thing for which I am grateful.

I always feel better when I spend time noticing… and giving thanks.

At the end of January, I shared some of my favourites from my current Gratitude 365 Project.

What I’d like to ask now, at the beginning of March, is which are your favourites and why. Thanks! 🙂

The project is here. Enjoy!


  1. I very often wander through your Gratitude journal as it always makes me feel happy, but at this precise moment, after a very trying day indeed, the picture that calls to me is the one with the lovely, crisp, white hotel sheets and pillows. I would love to just climb into that bed in the Hotel Djem (? can’t remember exactly) and fall asleep. It is even more appealing than the actual picture of a bed, only because I know it belongs to a hotel, and I wouldn’t even have to wash the sheets…

  2. I’ve also been following along with your Gratitude 365 project! It is a daily loveliness, isn’t it, to think of the ways in which we are blessed and comforted. I have a few favorites, which I’ll link:
    I love the quote at the beginning of the draft. I think I needed that today.
    Just because it’s gorgeous
    For your and DP’s thoughts on writing.

  3. What a fantastic idea..I do something similar in that I draw or write my good memories into a little book that I good to read when life is feeling low!

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