The Tale of the Charming Sale and the Sun

Sometimes life
seems pretty close
to perfect.

As we descended the bluff
after school
we paused on the steps
and collected the sun.
our friend
stopped with us
as we admired the day.

On Motomachi Shopping Street
the navy-clad guards
provided more guidance
than normal
with our walking
down the sidewalk.
Elif said the Charming Sale
happens twice a year
in the last week
of February
and then again
in September.

Oh my.
The Japanese love a sale!

We looked up Motomachi Street
at the bouquets
of happy shoppers
blooming under this delicious sun.

We ate bruschetta
with perfect tomatoes
and pizza for dinner
and trundled home
in the pinks of twilight.

Just one thought
darkens this lovely day.
We live in such tiny apartments.
Where do the charming shoppers
put all their stuff?


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