The Sunday List, Issue 19

{Chora Church in Istanbul}

Here’s what I am loving this weekend:
This video of a starling murmuration (via Adam Clark).
This Sunday Sermon on Religion for Atheists by Alain de Botton.
This gorgeous blog about Ashley and Aaron’s life in NYC & their travels away.
The ability to send someone a song or video as a gift on iTunes.
Sleeping in… this is not a new item!
This photo + this one + this one too. (Oh… and this one of Paris.)
Having time to write and write and write. (I feel like I am improving.)
The Interiors Project. Thank you April, Ashley and Jodie. (Kathy Manu is next!)
Comments left on my blog by friends and by lovely strangers.
We might as well be strangers + the beautiful images from the first video.
Oh, Rosie Thomas! Kite Song and Pretty Dress.
Three versions of “This Woman’s Work”: the original by Kate Bush, a soulful cover by Maxwell & a new-to-me version by Greg Laswell. (Thanks, Ash!)
Being home with DP.

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