{friday poem}

it’s about wearing my winter coat
for the first time
in yokohama,
the feeling of encountering elastic
on the insides of cuffs
designed to keep my warm air in
and the cold air out.
(i’d forgotten that they do that.)
*note to self: always buy winter coats
in canada.

it’s about giving some students
a tiny talk on monday morning,
some thoughts about respect
and responsibility
and how not to succumb
to their lesser demons.
and how some of them
have come to say,
“i’m sorry for messing around.
i know i can do better.
did you hear i got accepted?”

it’s about conflict
and miscommunication
and vulnerability.
it’s about being able to say,
“i was wrong
and i’m sorry”
and how this often
leaves two angry people

these are important muscles.
they don’t get stretched enough.

it’s about getting sad news
and glad tidings
and how they inhabit the same space
and sometimes you feel
like you can’t hold it all
but you can
because that’s what you do,
after all,
for a living
and because that’s what people do
for each other.

this is a friday poem
about flipping my hood
against the cold wind
and a hard week
as my sweet man
snaps this shot.

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