Not on the curriculum: Programming to meet the social & emotional needs of teenagers

{Lisbon takes my breath away.}

On Friday afternoon, I’ll be presenting a session for counselors at the ECIS conference in Lisbon. All that stands between me and the session is:
1. 23 hours
2. A bad-ass case of jet lag which I hope to conquer tonight (Update: Conquered!)

Here are the materials for my presentation:
1) Power Point: NotOnTheCurriculumMcDiarmid (Please note that this is a big document and will take a few minutes to download)
2) Hand-out: HandoutNotOnTheCurriculumMcDiarmid
3) Resources: ResourcesNotOnTheCurriculumMcDiarmid

A special thank you to my former students from ASFM in Monterrey, BFIS in Barcelona and NIST in Bangkok for permitting me to publish their photos in the presentation. Thanks also to DP from whom all good things come.

Wish me luck!

As someone from my pre-conference workshop said, at the end of the day yesterday, “Ciao, y’all!” That seems like a perfect salutation for an international teacher.


  1. Oh, Monna McD… I wish I were going to be there for this presentation! I am going to pass on the idea of the “What Is Beautiful?” campaign… I think that would be amazing here. Abrazos, amiga… miss you much.

  2. Thanks, Sarah. I so wish you were here! We created the “What is beautiful?” campaign at NIST and it was the most important programming breakthrough for me, our counseling team and, I think, for the school. It’s scary as hell for the people who volunteer… and then it’s just beautiful for everyone.

  3. Did anyone who attended this presentation happen to video record any or all of it? If so, please let Monna know. I’d like to nominate her for another presenting gig, but the nominations require video. Thanks.

  4. I attended your presentation at ECIS and was so intrigued by the ‘What is Beautiful’ idea. I’m going to pass it along to our ISDifferences group in hopes that they will pick up the idea and run with it. Thanks for the inspiration!


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