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This was our dinner tonight. (I know!) Inem, the woman who cleans our flat on Thursdays, also makes us dinner and, tonight, she prepared chicken satay. She felt bad that she couldn’t find the wooden satay sticks. We felt happy, deeply grateful and extremely well-fed.

Every time we move countries and schools, the new beginning leads to exhilaration and frustration in equal parts and this move has certainly been no exception to the rule. I promise that there is a culture shock post coming soon but right now, I am just happy that a few things are coming together on the (tiny) home front.

In addition to Inem’s delicious Thursday night meals, we finally have cable television thanks to Tom the English-speaking Electrician who managed, in one visit, to sort out a ten-week old technical problem. As I write this post, we are watching NCIS LA which DP confirmed (when I asked) is indeed, “the one with the hot guys.” If you are feeling judgmental about our cable television or NCIS, it is likely that you do not live far away from your home country and culture… even the pop version of said culture. Nope… I am unaffected by your judginess!

Thanks to Ashley at Surviving in Japan, I recently learned about a new company called YoyoMarket.jp and this little company has made my life exponentially better in just a few days. Through their site, I placed a Cost Co order on Tuesday night… and our shipment was delivered this evening, just after we finished our chicken satay. There is a mark-up on the items but the cost is so worth it; a trip to the Cost Co in Yokohama is a half-day undertaking on the train. The other amazing service that Yoyo Market offers is that they deliver Ikea items to your home. Amazing! You will understand my excitement if you have ever shopped at Ikea in Japan and then arranged for shipping only to be told that they won’t deliver your eight place settings of dishes with the rest of your furniture and no, there is nothing that can be done… it is not possible. You can box your dishes up over there and then carry that 20 pound box home on three trains. (I know… I’m not normally so snarky but it was a spectacularly crappy experience!) So, after a few clicks, our new rug and television stand will be delivered on Saturday and our sofa bed will be delivered on Monday evening. I am also happy to say that the service I have received from the staff at Yoyo Market has been exceptional. (I love great service… especially if I can understand what the person is saying.)

Finally, DP and I have been busy putting some nails in our walls. This evening we hung, over one of our sofas, the “Chinese Babies” painting which was damaged in the move but has now been expertly repaired.

Chicken satay + functioning cable + Cost Co & Ikea delivery + home decorating = one much happier expat in Japan.

I am now watching Battlestar Galactica on the Universal Channel. Peace out.


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