A Poem about IB Projected Scores

IB Projected Scores do not define you.

The numbers may tell us
the following things:
how easy you find school
(or not)
how diligently you have been working
(or not)
how you performed on your most recent assessments
(or not)
if school is where you shine
(or not)
and how easy it is
to keep your butt in a chair.

They may help you get into university
but the numbers are just part of your story.

Don’t let the numbers tell you who you are
or who you can become.

~ Monna McDiarmid


  1. Kyle,

    Thanks, love. It was really bothering me… the way that some of the kids completely over-identify with those numbers. You and I both know that IB scores (projected and earned) have very little to do with the potential beauty and happiness of their future. (That’s a hard sell in Japan!)


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