Preparing for the Flood

I snapped this shot from inside a taxi near Bangkok’s Asoke BTS Station on Friday October 28th. I had just completed my fifth and final dentist appointment of the week (a root canal and three crowns) and was headed back to meet DP at our hotel in our old neighbourhood of Lower Sukhumvit. This couple looked so cute and it was only after I downloaded my photos to iPhoto that I noticed what the man has in his plastic bag.

Rubber boots. Wellies, if you prefer. He was preparing for the flood.

Going to Bangkok for a week during the flood was certainly not the sensible thing to do. We worried if we should go… then we worried if we should stay. We followed the #ThaiFloodEng stream on Twitter and then… not so much. We relaxed. We ate our favourite Thai dishes, spent an evening with some lovely friends and enjoyed the city as a couple of delighted tourists instead of work-weary residents.

We felt a bit guilty knowing that while we vacationed, many Thai people suffered the consequences of the worst flood in fifty years. But, ultimately, people are always suffering, somewhere, and that’s simply not a good reason to stay home. The world is a big place… it’s gorgeous and interesting and difficult and I want to live in that world as fully as possible.

When we were making the decision about whether to travel to Bangkok, a wise friend left the following quotation on my Facebook page:

Ever notice that “What the Hell” is always the right decision? ~ Marilyn Monroe

DP and I have never really been “What the hell?” kind of people… but I feel a change coming on.

About what do you want (or need) to say “What the hell”? What is stopping you?


  1. Hey Monna,
    Now that I have had a chance to read more of your blog, I see that most of the questions I posed in my email are answered on it. What was I thinking– email, so retro! The humidity has broken in Abu Dhabi; three more days til Eid al Adha and my trip to Berlin. — JW

  2. I’ve said “What the hell? Why not?” To my college application choices thanks to you 🙂 major reaches, here I come!

  3. I agree, what the hell really is always a great answer. And anyways, your tourist dollars hopefully are at least stimulating the economy. Crisis’ are always made even worse when natural disaster strikes and then people stop going to that country for a while.

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