Stuck (Coetail 1.6)

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In week six of our first Coetail course, I found myself well and truly stuck.

The task was to think about NETS and where they fit into our curricular area.

NETs, for those who are not familiar with the term (and let’s be clear that this included me until a few weeks ago) are The National Educational Technology Standards for students are a set of standards created to help schools and teachers understand their role in technology education.

Here are the NETS for Students developed by the International Society for Technology in Education. These are lovely standards about which I have positive feelings as an educator and as a user of technology.

Instead of staying stuck, I am going to say simply that this task poses a real conundrum for me as a Counselor since our work in schools is not largely seen as curricular. We don’t have standards and benchmarks for Counseling at my school nor have we had a Counseling curriculum at any of the other international schools at which I have worked. My current colleagues and I may well develop a Counseling curriculum but we have not yet because there simply aren’t enough hours in the day between university applications, teaching, bureaucratic tasks and email, helping kids with their hard stuff and meeting with parents.

So I need to say that talking about NETS in Counseling would definitely be placing the cart before the horse.

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  1. Thank you for this candid post. As one of your counseling colleagues I can relate completely. With regard to the big picture there are many ways where it doesn’t fit exactly and leads me stock as well. With smaller events, however, such as parent information evenings or certain sessions with groups of students in the classroom or other venues I may use the NETS conditions as an additional lens to consider as I look over the agenda, learning objectives, and approach I plan to take. Beyond that, however, I agree this would be a square peg in a round hole within international school counseling.

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