Dreaming of R&R in Bangkok

{Crepes and Company, Bangkok}

I miss Bangkok.

Listen… no one is more surprised to hear me say that than I am myself.

But it’s true.

I miss how easy things were. The tourism industry in Bangkok thrives because the Thai people have an uncanny understanding of how to make foreigners feel like king and queens. (They are especially good with the king-thing.) They just make everything SO easy.

So far Japan has been beautiful, orderly, graceful and gentle… but easy? Um… definitely not. There is definitely a culture shock post percolating but I’m not quite ready to go public with my dirty-culture-laundry.

Like thousand of soldiers before us, DP and I have decided to spend a week in Bangkok getting some badly needed R&R. A generous friend has offered us her gorgeous apartment for the week and we plan to meet up with friends and visit all of our favorite haunts including Central World and Sunday Jazzy Brunch at the Sheraton. We want to go the movies and eat so much Thai food that we will almost certainly fall down in the middle of the soi clutching our distended bellies in some kind of ecstatic food rapture. (Okay… that was a little weird.) I’m also going to have some dental work done which, admittedly, is not very sexy but is essential.

Funny how sometimes you don’t really appreciate a place until you are gone. You would think that we might have learned that lesson by now.

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What place are you dreaming of right now?


      1. We had Regatta break a couple of weeks ago and I stayed and dove 4 times. It was awesome. We have some new teachers getting certified so I hope to do some more diving this year. I am up to a total of 15 now–woo hoo!

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