The trouble with counselors (Coetail 1.3)

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The essential question being examined in my technology course this week is: How can we effectively, practically and authentically embed technology within our curricular areas?

While university counseling may seem like an ideal area within a high school for the embedding of technology, there are several obstacles:
1. Not all counselors identify our work in schools as programmatic or curricular in nature
2. Even those counselors who do identify university and personal/emotional counseling as being curricular may not have adequate time, resources or training to develop standards/benchmarks and assessment tools
3. While many counselors are comfortable and skilled at using the internet to help students search for post-secondary plans and manage programs such as Naviance for the submission of university applications, we have not, as a group, embraced online tools, such as blogs, Google Reader and Twitter, that would help student and professional networking

This is not simply a question of counselors getting “on board” with technology. School administrators must find concrete ways to support counselors – in the form of training, time and secretarial support – as we develop curricula and assessments for our counseling programs. As counselors, we must encourage our professional organizations to embrace 21st century learning and to provide more opportunities for professional development in the area of technology.

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