The UnLaunch

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First, my deep apologies if you are one of the small handful of people who has faithfully followed my adventures over the years: from Barcelona Moments to Teacher Meets World to Monna McD. I am moving blog-homes again and, hopefully, I’ll be staying put for a while!

You will now find me at

Since late 2006, when I began blogging in Barcelona, Blogger has been my platform of choice and Blogger has always been good to me. I know my way around Blogger and we’ve always been a good fit… so much so that the move to WordPress feels a bit like cheating. The bottom line is if Blogger had made it this easy as for me to register my own domain name, I’d never have left.

Life (and blogs) moves on.

I’m calling this an “un-launch” because, frankly, I am a bit weary of big announcements about blog changes. My blog is basically the same: a white background and a minimalist appearance. I have imported all of the posts from my past blogs… the whole damned collection. There is a lovely new header, designed by DP, which reflects our recent move to Japan. There are also some little glitches that I am fixing as I find them. (Yup… I am trying to let “perfect” go!)

In the days and weeks to come, I’ll be posting more about Japan… which, thus far, has felt quite a lot like living on the moon.

I’d love it if you’d follow me over at – either through a reader like Google Reader or via e-mail.

Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help you subscribe!

Happy Sunday!


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