The Sunday List (15) The Yokohama Edition

{This girl has a face like a poem.}

1. Listening
Melody Gardot.
Listen, I know I’ve said it before but her voice is extraordinary. She kills me.

2. Watching
We don’t have cable television yet. I mean we do… but we don’t… don’t get me started! So DP and I have been watching movies and a bit of television purchased from i-tunes.

Last Night is a beautifully written film about love, longing and fidelity. The art direction is gorgeous and the interiors are sumptuous. (Warning: We really liked the film but it made us feel sad.) Here’s the trailer.

3. Reading
Snow Country by Yasunari Kawabata
Shimamura, a wealthy Japanese man goes to a mountain resort and meets a geisha named Komako.
Nothing happens.
Everything happens.

We have lived in Japan for just a month now but I am already starting to see how the art of subtle communication works in real life. Traditionally, a Japanese person would never turn down a social invitation but would say yes in such a way that the person offering the invitation would hear a gentle no. I find this both lovely and infuriating.

4. Quoting
“The fact is that very few things have so much effect on the feeling inside a room as the sun shining into it.” ~ Christopher Alexander, A Pattern Language

What’s got your attention right now?

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