Jellyfish on the walk home

I bought a new i-phone. I know that’s not really big news compared with moving to Japan but it is news, nonetheless, and said i-phone is allowing me to capture all manner of Yokohama moments via Hipstamatic and Instagram. (If you don’t have an i-phone, it doesn’t matter what those are. If you are an i-phone person, perhaps you have experienced this particular app-addiction or are, at least, slightly sympathetic to my plight.)

The good news is that I have taken some photos of my walk from school. Pretty, no?

Walk with me… down the street, around the corner, past the Foreigners’ Cemetery, through the park, down the elevator (yes… an elevator), through the metro station, out onto the shopping street and, finally, across the canal where the jellyfish live.

I swear that the jellyfish bow to us as we walk by.

We bow back. It’s what you do in Japan.

Did you spot the jellyfish? (Look closely!)

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