Mondays are for Dreaming: Chiang Mai Market

These pics are from Nonghoi Market in Chiang Mai.

DP and I went to Chiang Mai for the weekend. We worked at our school in Bangkok all day Friday, hopped on an Air Asia flight at 6:15 p.m. and were in our hotel – the lovely Pak Chiang Mai – by 8:00 p.m. We spent the evening at the Night Market and ate dinner at The Duke’s which serves what might be the best burgers and ribs in Thailand. We really wondered why we didn’t take this little trip more often over the last two years.

One of my agenda items for Chiang Mai was to buy a mortar and pestle. We e-mailed Yui and Kwan who are the owners of A Lot of Thai cooking school; they recommended Nonghoi Market on Chiangmai-Lampoon Road. While we were at the market (actually buying my mortar and pestle), we ran into Chef Yui with a group from her cooking class. When she saw us, she embraced us and gave us each a big kiss. (She is the coolest Thai person we have ever met!)

With just four weeks left before we leave Thailand, I’m so happy we made it back to Chiang Mai for one last visit.

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What travels are you dreaming of today?

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