Postcards from Japan (2)

{Square postcard. Extra postage required.}

Dear mom,

Everyone has their own idea of being pampered. In Thailand, many expats love getting a massage, manicure or pedicure. Partly that’s because these services are inexpensive and they are everywhere. You’ll probably recognize these massage mats from Pak Chiang Mai in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

These particular luxuries are not important to me.

Perhaps it’s because we’re Canadian (and that I was raised right!) but the way that I want to be pampered is to be treated with courtesy and care.

During our week in Japan every desk clerk, waiter and store clerk did their best to help us in a polite and efficient manner.

I get that this might not be everyone’s idea of sexy but, for me, Japanese courtesy is heavenly. (I think you’ll like it too when you come to visit us next year!)


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