Ronald McDonald in Thailand

Even after two years, I still smile when I see a statue of Ronald McDonald making the sign of the wai.

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What’s making you smile today?


  1. @SonjaThanks for your comment. The food is actually exactly the same… except that the dipping sauce for the chicken Mcnuggets is spicy and really tasty!

    1. @Wandering Educators
      We also tried the teriyaki burger in Japan; it was delicious. McDonalds becomes a more appealing nation when:
      1. You don’t speak the language and you can simply point at an item on the menu
      2. Everything is so expensive

  2. Fun shot. Admittedly we've tried McDonald's abroad on occasion, recently in Marrakech. The menu did have a few surprises, like deep fried spicy cheese nuggets that we had to try. Verdict … a little strange. But the kid enjoyed a his familiar kid burger and they had free wifi so happy all around.

    1. @Jackie
      Thanks for your comment. I also like the juxtaposition of the familiar Ronald McDonald icon (with the twist of the wai) and the huge post-modern poster of that contented Thai woman. Sometimes, when people are traveling and dealing with the unknown every minute of the day, a familiar meal at McDonalds is a welcome break. I can imagine that would be especially true with children (and parents) who are having a rough day.

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