Eat, Pray, Love in Chiang Mai


  1. Chef Yui at A Lot of Thai
  2. Thai monk at Wat Phra Singh
  3. My (very cute) mom at Pak Chiang Mai

With just ten weeks left in Thailand, we’re thinking that we’d like to get back to Chiang Mai for one last decadent weekend. It is without question, our favourite corner of Thailand.

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Where is your favourite place to eat, pray and love? Is it one place… or three different cities?


  1. @Wanderluster Thanks for your dropping by. We have now booked a weekend to Chiang Mai in mid-May! Woohoo!@Wandering EducatorsThanks, as always, for your lovely words about my photos. We're headed to Yokohama, Japan… and I know that you love Japan!

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