Rear Window

{A neighbourhood in Chiang Mai}

This photograph was taken in Chiang Mai on one of my favourite, ever Thailand days. My mom and cousin were visiting from Canada and we had embarked on our Best of Thailand Tour (Bangkok, Phuket and Chiang Mai). On this particular day, we had been picked up at our hotel, Pak Chiang Mai, by Yui and Kwan from A Lot of Thai cooking school in their amazing van. DP and I both fell a little bit in love with Yui… she was a great teacher and is also incredibly cool. We highly recommend their cooking school.

We had stopped at a local market to buy some ingredients for our class and were then making our way to Yui and Kwan’s home for our private class. DP asked about the gorgeous tall trees we were driving beneath; Yui said they were rubber trees. I turned around and snapped his shot.For me, this photo perfectly captures South East Asia.

I am finally, with less than three months left here in Bangkok, really enjoying the city and the country. I want to be clear… we have definitely made the right decision to move on at the end of this school year and we’ll be proud to call Japan our home.
The difference is that I now feel completely free to enjoy what I want and am far less bothered by the less appealing aspects of living here.

In the past few week, DP and I have been incredibly social (for us); we have celebrated my birthday at a posh hotel, had dinner with a friend visiting from Japan, gone to our school’s drama production of Peter Pan, and enjoyed a movie night at the home of friends. We’ve even gone out on a few week nights!

I remember this same phenomenon from the end of our time in Barcelona. With just eleven weeks left, it is fancy jam time in our household; we take advantage of every opportunity that presents itself. We’re busier and more content than ever.

What’s on your tourist-in-your-own-city bucket list? What’s stopping you from enjoying the city where you live?

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