The Best of Thailand Tour

chill out in phuket
wai in chiang mai
dessert in bangkok
From top to bottom:
Palm trees in Cape Panwa, Phuket
Decorative ceramic figure wai-ing*, Chiang Mai
Macarons at Le Normandie in Bangkok

In a week and a half, my mom and cousin arrive in Bangkok for a couple of weeks in Thailand. As this is their first visit to Thailand, we have planned a “Best of Thailand” tour including a few nights in Phuket, a few nights in Chiang Mai and then a week in Bangkok. For DP and me, it’s also our farewell tour as we’ll spend our April vacation in Bali and Japan before leaving Thailand in mid-June.

If you were leaving your country, which cities and places would you like to visit before you go?  What would be on your home-country bucket list?

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* The wai is the traditional Thai greeting and is equivalent to a handshake in Canada or a kiss on each cheek in Spain. When you wai, you press your palms together near your chest and bowing. Your wai shows your respect for others.


  1. @Mara from MotherofalltripsThanks for your lovely message. Endings are always so bittersweet… what we could/should have done differently… letting ourselves off the hook for being human. We're having lots of lovely adventures in these last few months. I hope you are well!@wandering educatorsAlthough it's true that the sidewalks aren't good and there are a number of stairs for accessing the BTS or subway… one could still have a good trip if you hired a driver and slowed down a bit. My mom had knee surgery just before she came to Bangkok and she did well.

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