School kids in Tokyo and Kyoto

Recently I realized that I had not shared many of my shots from our trip to Japan in June of 2010. Today’s theme is school kids. They are everywhere… they are always in their uniforms… and they are fun-loving, peace-sign specialists.

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  1. My dad traveled to Japan a lot for business and always came home and told us about the school kids on trains on their way to school. We thought it was so cool, considering we were stuck on a giant yellow school bus.Thanks for sharing these photos!

  2. I feel at home looking at these shots. These were the people I spent every day with for two years when teaching English in junior high school in Japan. I remember every variation of that uniform!

  3. @Dim Sum, Bagels, and Crawfish I know you can't see me right now but I'm holding up the peace sign to you. Thanks for your fun comment!@wandering educatorsSome places just win a place in our heart, don't they?@Arrows Sent ForthI agree… way more glamorous than our big yellow school buses… it's all a matter of a perspective! At my school in Bangkok – where the traffic is SO bad – the kids come to school in little vans.@Heather D.I am so glad that these photos made you feel happy. You are actually the first person I ever met who had lived in Japan… you were also the person who said that it's impossible to take a bad photo in Japan. We'll see!

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