Counting our blessings

We’re celebrating Thanksgiving tomorrow evening with a number of friends from Canada and the USA… and one very funny Brit. We are aware that it’s not actually Thanksgiving in Canada or in the USA but DP and I were in Hong Kong during Canadian Thanksgiving and went turkey-less. The host of tomorrow’s dinner is expecting a baby around the time of American Thanksgiving so this weekend seemed like the perfect time to give thanks. The turkey is from the bakery at the Marriott and the apple pie comes from a nearby Mexican restaurant.

Even after all these years of living overseas, my heart still aches a little for my family at Thanksgiving. Here are a few of my loved ones in two classic family dinner poses. (I absolutely LOVE these photographs.) These were not actually taken at a Thanksgiving dinner but at my parents’ most recent anniversary… and we’re eating Canadian Chinese food which is, of course, nothing like actual Chinese food but delicious just the same.

Tomorrow, we’ll be counting our blessings, Bangkok-style.

What are you thankful for?

For more Friday photos, visit Delicious Baby hosted by Deb Dubrow.


  1. What a nice post. I celebrate Thanksgiving with my family in Scotland because my sister in law is American. I love it, a great warm up for Christmas! Glad you'll be celebrating in Bangkok. This year will be easy for me – I became a mum in January and am too thankful for words. All the best, Monna!

  2. @Anna MoffatHow cool! Thanksgiving married into your family. It's a truly great holiday – the only one with no emphasis on giving and receiving gifts. Congratulations on becoming a new mom… you have so much to be grateful for.@wandering educatorsThanks for your lovely comment about my Chinese/Canadian/Thai Thanksgiving post.@WanderlusterYou are absolutely right. The city is one big Thai restaurant… and it's open 24 hours a day!

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