Dreaming of Europe (in spite of the warnings)

So many of us become our best possible selves in Paris.  My theory? It’s the roasted chicken and little boys on red tricycles.

Cycle on over to Mother of all Trips for more delicious Monday dreams.

What are you dreaming of this fine Monday?


  1. I'm dreaming of Barcelona, and just the feel of a city in general. Sometimes it's nice to be able to walk out of the door and get lost in streets and avenues, knowing you can wander all you please without being recognized. Campus life is not private at all.Reading your blog always transports me to another place. I like it, thank you :)I'm thinking about starting a daily-blackberry-photo blog. I'll let you know if that works out 🙂

  2. I was dreaming of getting home to Curacao – our flight was cancelled from Aruba and we were stranded there overnight. It had been a great day but not so great night.

  3. @SantiI hope you got your better weather in the Big Apple.@AnnaCome to think of it, I would also love a croissant and a cafe au lait. Great idea!@MaraI like your list… and I like the way you think about Paris. Perhaps we could have a writing retreat in Paris! Wouldn't that be cool?@AnnaWe dream of Barcelona often. I find myself remembering random moments and places… September jazz in Plaza Rius i Taulet, crossing Plaza de Catalunya, tapas with friends, and the windy 2nd floor of our old high school building. Did you start that blog?@MaryThanks for visiting; I really appreciate your lovely comment about my photographs.@AprilWe think of you all the time… you have had an intense first year in the Caribbean!

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