An Ode to the Traveler

this is how you look
in the ancient churches of florence,
the golden wats of thailand,
and the cafes of vienna

this is how you look
after months
(or years)
of reading
and dreaming
about traveling

this is how you look
after carefully saving,
meticulously planning,
and long-haul flying

this is how you look
when you
set down your bag
in your hotel room.
kicking off your shoes,
you stretch out on your bed.

this is how you look
when you throw
the well-planned
in the trash,
to wander aimlessly.
you discover the city
for yourself.
make it your own.

this is how you look
when we see you
seated at an outdoor cafe
with a glass of wine
and your beloved one

the only real danger
is taking this for granted,
of forgetting
the sweetness of travel,
the taste of cafe latte
made in italy
or the way it felt to 
light a candle
in el duomo
on monday afternoon

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How do you look and feel when you’re traveling?


  1. @Lora (Tripping with Kids) I love that you thought this was me. I have no idea who this woman is but I, too, liked the serene look on her face.@jessie vI love love LOVE that you love this!

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