Dreaming of a week in Tokyo

  {Shibuya by Lluis Gerard @ WasabiNoise }  

We’ve had an unusually difficult time making a decision about our summer vacation plans this year. I’m absolutely certain that DP is responsible for this uncertainty-related affliction as I used to be as impulsive as the day is long. (Ask my mother!)  Finally, last night, we booked our long-haul flights to Canada and we’ve decided to spend a week in Tokyo on the way home. (It’s a big planet and Japan is on the way!)

Generally speaking, whenever we’ve planned a trip to a big city in the Americas or Europe I’ve always possessed the beginnings of a list of what to do and see. It was like I had a special tourism app (think i-phone app) embedded in my brain.  (Although I don’t know exactly what explains this travel-giftedness, I suspect my excellent high school teachers deserve most of the credit.) Asia, however, is another story for someone who grew up in Ontario, Canada.  Aside from a general sense of the culture and food as transmitted by the media, and shared by a few lovely Japanese people I have known at three international schools, I don’t really know what Tokyo holds in store for us.

For me, dreaming = research. We’ve purchased a copy of Lonely Planet’s Japan that we’ve just started reading. So far I’ve learned that the best view of the famous Shibuya Crossing is from the ground floor of a nearby Starbuck’s and that Ginza is the posh-est shopping neighbourhood in the city. (These are both quite relevant travel tidbits for me.) We watched an hour-long program on the Discovery Channel about Japanese food culture, production and preparation. As someone who doesn’t enjoy sushi, I was relieved to learn a bit about the rich food culture that exists in Japan. I’ve also been surfing the internet like Jack Johnson and have stumbled across some gorgeous images of Japan:

Tokyo Luv
Guillaume Marcotte is a Canadian photographer and graphic designer. Originally from Montreal, he now works in Tokyo as a photographer. This blog is updated daily.

Lluis Gerard lives in Barcelona (our former home) where he works as a language software developer. You can visit his blog here and his Flickr stream here.

I’m absolutely blown away by these images… and feeling inspired to shoot some cool street photographs of my own in Tokyo.

While I’m dreaming of Tokyo, there’s more Monday dreaming over at The Mother of All Trips. You can check it out here.

So here are my questions for you, kind readers…
Have you ever been to Tokyo? 
What did you do and see? 
Where did you stay?
What was particularly wonderful… and why?


  1. @LynnThanks for the tips. I hear you saying *2nd floor* of the Shibuya Starbucks. Thanks! Would you please send me the name of the lovely place where you normally stay.@Mara from motherofalltripsThanks for your enthusiasm and for the tip about the ramen noodle shops. Yummy! You'll go to Japan someday… I know you will!@jessievI love that you called it an "ode to ramen"… thanks for the link. (A teaching aside – My IB English students wrote a commentary about Pablo Neruda's "Ode to My Socks" today in class. I love the idea of odes to ordinary things.) How lovely that you had the opportunity to live in Tokyo. (It's the sometimes surprising life of a wandering educator…)

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