Best of TEDxBKK: A Twitter Set

{Brooke Estin speaking at TEDxBKK}

Yesterday I attended TEDxBKK, Thailand’s first TEDx event, at Ruamrudee International School.  There were some great and inspirational moments which I’ve tried to capture as a “Best of TEDxBKK” set on Twitter.  {I tweet @ monnamcd.} Here’s the list without the annoying hash tags and times posted on the web.

Apirak Kosayodhin: Welcome from Thai Prime Minister/Talk about the new Asia
Apirak Kosayodhin: The power of Generation A(sia) will be the economic growth engine of the future.

Julie Lavioe: Canadian DJ and blogger – How Bangkok Wakes Up
Julie Lavoie: Morning is the time when we still belong to ourselves” – from a cool talk about “How Bangkok Wakes Up”. 

Robyn Treyvaoud: Cyber safety for kids
Robyn Treyvaud from CyberSafeWorld says “Welcome to CYBERia.”

Robyn Treyvaud: For young people, being connected to the internet is a 24/7 experience. They are never offline.

Robyn Treyvaud: Nothing (that is shared digitally) is truly private.

Robyn Treyvaud: Kids don’t talk about cyber-bullying. They talk about behaviours (exclusion, harassment) that exist online & off.

Robyn Treyvaud: Our grandchildren will have access to our digital footprint. What will we be remembered for?

Akanasha Shah: RIS student speaking on Emotional Intelligence
Akanasha Shah (age 16)-Improve emotional intelligence: be more social, experience/understand feelings, control feelings & laugh more.

Daniela Papi, Director of PEPY, an educational development organization working in rural Cambodia
danielapapi: Schools don’t educate children. People do.

danielapapi: If you want students to read, you have to teach them to value books. Library time has to be part of the curriculum.

danielapapi: You can’t change human behaviour through telling or giving. You must teach people.

danielapapi: Invest time in people.

danielapapi: I’d rather study under a tree with a great teacher than in one of those locked up schools in Cambodia. 

Colin Gallagher: Technology Educator in Hong Kong
colingally: Using i-pod touch with kindergarten students. Why? 1 Interactively easy. 2 Tactile. 3 Resources. 4 Relevant. 5 Fun.

colingally: The importance of using the right tool for the right job at the right time.

Zoltan Radnai: Prezi-guru
Zoltan Radnai – How to tell a better story w/ Prezi: Understand the point. Remember more. Encourage dialogue. Share knowledge.

Chris Mitchell: British travel writer based in Bangkok
Chris Mitchell (@travelhappy): You are far more likely to have a fatal encounter with a vending machine than a great white shark.

Chris Smith and avatar Shambles Guru: Second Life
Chris Smith (@shamblesguru): In 2nd Life (3D online virtual world) it’s possible for yr avatar to step inside a Van Gogh painting.

Brooke Estin: Sustainable innovations that help solve social and/or environmental issues
Brooke Estin reminds us how little it takes to make a difference in the lives of others. Check out kiva micro-financing @

Brooke Estin: Check out –;; Current TV at;; 

Brooke Estin: What will your next click support?

Bruce Poon Tip, Owner of GAP Adventures
Bruce Poon Tip @ GAP adventures: Changing travel through fearless innovation.

Prae Sunantaraks was born with Retinitis pigmentosa (RP) – results in progressive peripheral vision loss and night vision difficulties
Prae Sunantaraks (@Praetoday) re: sighted people. You learn to rush but not to wait.

Prae Sunantaraks: I remember what green looks like. Green is my favourite colour. I lost it three years ago.

Prae Sunantaraks: Helen Keller said, “The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision”.

What are some of your good ideas worth spreading?

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