A Thai Love Letter

It was an unusually hot afternoon as we waited for the speedboat that would take us from Koh Samed back to the mainland. Three o’clock on a Sunday afternoon must be the saddest time at the beach as you realize that your sweet, sun-kissed weekend has slipped away.  I may well have been having my own sad “good-bye weekend” thoughts when a Thai woman in a white and pink floral blouse ran past the table where we were having lunch. Suddenly there was intrigue on our little section of the beach.

As she ran, she called his name.

He had been standing on his flat little blue boat when he heard her voice.

Without hesitation he jumped into the water which was perhaps, we thought, deeper than he realized. 

She held a letter above her head.  It was a letter for him.

He waded towards her. Emerged from the sea. Took the letter from her hand.

Heading back to his small turquoise boat he held her letter high, safe from the greedy salt-fingers of the sea.

We wondered when he’d read her letter… and if he felt the same…

{Spoiler Alert: I am a not-so-secret romantic but even I am forced to acknowledge that this was probably a grocery list as she of the pink floral shirt and he of the blue floral shirt both work at the resort where we were staying.} 

Still… it’s almost Valentine’s Day and the heart wants what the heart wants.

{I’m curious to learn if there are more Photo Friday romantics wearing their hearts on their blog-sleeves over at Delicious Baby today.}

What does your heart want this weekend?


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