Dreaming of TEDxBKK

I’m a big fan of TED talks. (Who isn’t?)

Last week, while researching the TEDx phenomenon (TEDx = independently organized TED event), I learned that TEDxBKK (the first TEDx event in Thailand) would be held at Ruamradee International School on Saturday, February 13th.  Cool, right?

Intrigued by the list of speakers, I submitted my application online. On Friday afternoon I received my invitation via e-mail.  Woo hoo! (Let’s be clear… I feel about TEDxBKK the way that most women seem to feel about shoes!)

The theme of the day is “Minds Wide Open.”  Isn’t that lovely?

My question for you, today, is about the best way to record the most inspirational moments from the conference. (I have a poor memory and want to hang onto the yummy goodness of the talks!)  Would you take notes?  (I will, as always, have my trusty Moleskin with me.)  Would you type your observations on a lap top?  Would you tweet the highlights of the conference?

What do you think?

{There’s more Monday dreaming going on over at The Mother of All Trips.}


  1. @ Mara from MotherofalltripsIn the end, I kicked it old school and took notes in my moleskin. The following morning, I tweeted and then posted at Monna McD what were, for me, some of the best moments from the talks. Thanks for your sensible recommendation.

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