two thousand words {paris and bangkok}

{Above: Paris as seen by DP
Below: Bangkok as seen by Monna}

two thousand words is a weekly post featuring one photograph from Monna and one from DP.

This has been a big week for us.

DP has launched a beautiful blog featuring his photography and writing. You can visit his Puddlewonder Press here.

Meanwhile, I have designated February as “Finish NaNoWriMo Month.” (Perhaps it should be called FiNaNoWriMo! Too many syllables?)  In November of 2008, as a participant in NaNoWriMo (the real one), I wrote 82 pages of a YA novel that I am still a little bit in love with and I think that’s a very good sign.

Tonight we’re packing for a weekend on the Thai island of Koh Samed with friends.

What have you been up to creatively?  How will you spend this weekend?


  1. Monna, I love the look of your blog. I remember your posts from when you were in Spain. So glad to have re-connected. Have a great weekend. We can't wait to return to Thailand…one of our best family trips ever. Will look forward to catching up on your blog and new Thai adventures. Our weekend will be full of Sicilian cultural experiences. Our first time to experience the St.Agatha festival.

  2. lovely shots, and all the best with your novel. this weekend, I'm working on a story about the Darwin Song Project (series of song inspired by the life of Charles Darwin) and a book proposal about Irish music.

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