The Sunday List (11) and a taste of Paris

We have a friend here in Bangkok who declares one day of each weekend to be HER day. She makes no commitments for that day so that she can create the day that she most wants and needs to have. (Her day almost always involves some quality-coffee time at Starbucks.)  As a fellow educator, I totally get the need to look after oneself when we spend the entire work-week caring for others.

This weekend I’ve been spending time with:

a. The soundtracks from Glee
After just one episode, I’m hooked on the show and the cover songs which inspire me to sing right out loud! If, like me, you were a slightly awkward, music-loving teenager, you might be addicted to the show too. The soundtracks for Season 1 and 2 are available from i-tunes for 12.99 (Canadian) dollars. My current favourites are “Don’t Stop Believing” and “Alone” featuring Kristen Chenoweth.

b.  The Tudors
DP is required to watch The Tudors for his screenwriting course (poor him!) so we watched the first three episodes yesterday.  Wow – what a ride! Jonathan Rhys Meyers, who plays Henry VIII, had me at “Your neck, I love your neck.” (He uses this ironic pick-up line on Anne Boleyn when he’s courting her. Now that’s funny!)  As a British monarch born in 1491, King Henry is never gong to be a feminist so viewers need to be prepared to roll with the contextual objectification of women. There’s also some bawdy sex and explicit language that would have delighted William Shakespeare. 

c. Lovely new-to-me blogs
Here are two new blogs I’ve found through my Boarding Pass guest post on Pret a Voyager:

24°09′N 120°40′E 
Allison and Jeremiah O’Sullivan, educators from Portland Oregon, are currently working and living in Taichung, Taiwan. Their blog features great stories and photos about expat life in Taiwan. Check out this post about an afternoon spent in search of the perfect cup of green tea.

Hither and Thither
These musings on travel, food, design, inspiration, and navigating life in New York City are written by Ashley Muir and Aron Bruhn. I especially love their cool (and very detailed) travelogues. They travelled to Thailand for their honeymoon and wrote this amazing post; they saw more of Thailand in two weeks than we have in months!

d. Rick Steves’ Paris Guidebook
DP and I are planning our summer and I am seriously considering a week in Paris.  Oh yes… I am.  I’ve been looking over some of my old photos of the City of Light and I’ve come up with the following…

 Eleven good reasons to go to Paris:

1. Staying on Rue Cler in the 7th arrondissement 

2. Cafe au lait

3. Even the children are ridiculously beautiful

4. Moelleux au chocolat
As David Lebovitz tweeted recently, Restaurants in France must face a fine or something if they don’t have moelleux au chocolat (warm indiv chocolate cake) on the menu.

5. Jardin des Tuileries

6. Quiche Lorraine
7. The River Seine and its lovely bridges
8. Pâtisserie perfection

9. The gardens at Versailles

10. People watching

11. The Eiffel Tower (at night)

How have you made this lovely weekend yours?


  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful sunday! I love Glee, and have had Tutors recommended to me numerous times, glad to hear you liked it also. Thanks for the shout out!-Allison 24°09′N 120°40′E

  2. on sunday, my hubby and i went out for an early breakfast, then went home and took a nap. we booked a fireplace and jacuzzi hotel suite and celebrated our first year of marriage. it was all about the wine, dinner and smooching.

  3. Hi, Monna–I'm so glad you enjoyed Hither and Thither! You made our day! Good luck on the summer plans–a week in Paris sounds lovely. Last time we were there we found a restaurant that featured truffles: omelets, butter, everything with truffles. As if the city wasn't already perfect…

  4. @AllisonHey – you are so welcome. A good friend of mine (who one worked in Taiwan) was just telling me how much she had enjoyed reading your blog. She said it was good to be reminded of all the firsts that we experience as new overseas educators. It's a magical time… enjoy it!@LittlestHappy anniversary, sweet girl. I can't believe that you have been married for a year already. It seems like just yesterday that you said "That's not right" in response to me showing up unannounced (SURPRISE!) for your wedding!@AshleyA Parisian restaurant that features truffles… that's perfection squared. I was really glad to introduce you to some new readers!

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