Dreaming of Versailles as decorated by Jeff Koons

If you visited Versailles, you would expect to see this…

and this…

But what if, upon arriving at Versailles in December of 2008, you saw a sign announcing this…

An exhibit by American artist Jeff Koons!  Would you be excited? Intrigued? Perplexed? Some people criticized the exhibit.

Did you think that you had outgrown balloon animals? Koons doesn’t think you have…

Michael Jackson with monkey

Oh… there’s something you expected to see. The Hall of Mirrors. Lovely.

But what’s this at the end of the hall? A great blue balloon that is also a mirror. People stop to take a photograph of themselves in blue.

Marilyn Monroe perhaps?

Marie Antoinette’s bed. (If these walls could talk!)

{When pigs fly…}

Lobster anyone?

Lovely chandeliers and…

Floating devices just in case

Hello, silver bunny!

Near the exit, Koons has left you a huge red valentine.

As you walk down the long corridor leading out of the palace, you feel weirdly elated to have witnessed this strange but beautiful marriage of modern art, French classical architecture and Roccoco design. I think Marie Antoinette would have loved it!

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What are you dreaming of today?


  1. Love it! Seriously – and I'm not a Koons fan. Having been there several times, I can really imagine what this juxtaposition must have been like – oddly appropriate in its own excess. Although I think I might be disappointed if it were my first and only trip there.

  2. Love the mixture of antique and modern art, some of the koons pieces remind me of the Banksy exhibition here in Bristol a few months ago although in not quite as illustrious a setting as Versailleshttp://www.heatheronhertravels.com/travel-the-world-with-banksy-in-bristol/

  3. @Mara from Mother of All TripsI am so glad you liked it. (I always think of you when I am posting anything about Paris!) In truth, I thought the exhibition was pretty fabulous. This was, actually, the only time that I have been to Versailles and I have to say that if I never made it back, I would not be distressed that the Koons' exhibit was on when we visited… although the palace was certainly VERY crowded as a result. The exhibit had clearly been carefully planned and the placement of the pieces did not interfere with our enjoyment of the palace.@Heather on her travelsI have only seen your city once… through the windows of a van traveling to and from the university… and I thought Bristol was absolutely lovely. Thanks for the link to your post about the Bansky exhibition.

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