Boarding Pass at Pret a Voyager

I have been a big fan of Anne Ditmeyer’s blog Pret a Voyager for a couple of years. Anne is a graphic designer who loves travel, in general, and Paris in particular. (A kindred spirit!)

Boarding Pass is a regular feature of Pret a Voyager and today’s guest is… me!

Thanks, Anne, for inviting me. It was an honour and a load of fun.

You can check out my boarding pass here.


  1. I just found your blog via Pret a Voyager and have been enjoying reading some of your recent posts. I saw you mention you work in an international school. My husband and I are working at an international school in Taiwan – he's a teacher, I'm the counselor. Anyway, love the blog – keep up the good work!Allison

  2. @AllisonThanks for your comment. I am always so happy to hear from other expat teachers… this overseas teaching life is such a great way to see the world and to grow both personally and professionally.Your blog is fantastic and I have already subscribed!

  3. @jessievYay indeed! I saw your comment over at Pret a Voyager. Thanks so much for your wildly enthusiastic support of me and other wandering educators!@Pret a VoyagerThanks, Anne, for the cool opportunity. It feels a bit surreal to see my photos and travel bits featured on Boarding Pass.

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