Expat Apartment Decorating Manifesto

I believe that creating a beautiful living space can improve the quality of our lives.
I believe that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to make a rented overseas apartment or house into a lovely home.
I believe that even the smallest space can be gorgeous with a little creative thinking and planning.
I believe in buying art and furniture locally.
I believe that mixing items from your current home country and past countries can lead to unique collections and interesting cultural juxtapositions that remind you of where you’ve been and where you are now.
I believe that less is (almost always) more.
I believe in framing things.
I believe in mixing the contemporary and the ancient.
I believe in bold paint colours and neutral bed linens.
I believe in the transformative powers of an extraordinary rug.
I believe that photos of family and friends keep us connected to our beloved ones while we are far away.
I believe in listening to my own inner-decorator.

What do you believe in when it comes to decorating your home?


  1. @CJI loved your comment about framing unexpected things. DP bought some beautiful textured red paper made by the Hill Tribe people near Chiang Mai. It's his plan to frame the paper.@LittlestIt's true… you do have many lovely things with which to decorate your new home. I predict that the Rubbermaid scent will blow off in record time!

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