Weekly photo post in need of a cool name!

{ Above: Amsterdam, Netherlands by DP
Below: Cadaques, Spain by Monna }

DP and I are partners in crime, photographically speaking. He’s a really good photographer and I’m learning; I’m Watson to his Sherlock Holmes.

Once a week we’ll be sharing a pair of photographs in this space. One by DP and the other by me. 

The post will be light on words.  Imagine!

What we really need is a lovely title for this weekly feature.  What do you think?  We’d love it if you’d leave your suggestions in the comments section. Thanks!

DP and Monna


  1. @Anonymous and CJ and Heather on her travels and Jay (twice) Thanks for all the cool ideas. I am grateful for your comments!I am contributing, to the list of possibilities: Double Vision Co-habit @AprilYou are lovely for saying so. Thanks!

  2. "Take two" ? The picture of Cadaques makes me want to abandon all my career plans and sneak into an eastbound airplane.And in response to your post about home decorating, I just put up a couple dozen photographs, a few postcards of Paris/Rome/Bob Dylan and a big poster of Audrey Hepburn. College students have lower standards of "home" – We make ourselves at home pretty easily… : )If there is anything you need for decorating from North Carolina (dogwood flowers?) just let me know!

  3. @AnnaYou have to know that if you abandon your career plans and drop out of university, I will find you! Go to Cadaques in the summer, my love. There is still lots of time for Spanish beaches. Thanks for the lovely compliment about the photo, though!

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