Dreaming of right here, right now

{ The front foyer of our apartment }

I love that Mara at The Mother of All Trips rounds us all up on Mondays and asks us to answer the question what/where are you dreaming of? Since moving to Bangkok (with which I have not yet managed to fall deeply in love) I have often found myself dreaming of Europe.

Today, though, I am not dreaming of anywhere but right here, right now. After a grueling first semester at school, DP and I are in the “stay-cation” part of our three-week holiday.  And I’ve got to say, it’s positively yummy.  I had forgotten all of the things a person could do when she wasn’t working full-time:

  • blogging (with a vengeance)… it makes me so happy! Check out the new buttons on my side bar!
  • sorting through and editing photos of our recent trip to Chiang-Mai. (Elephants!)
  • catching up with friends via e-mail, Facebook and Twitter (You’ll find me at monnamcd on Twitter)
  • organizing (okay… decorating) the apartment
  • going to the movies (possibly twice in one week)
  • getting new art framed
  • having ones hair cut
  • working on the Young Adult novel I began last year
  • reading newly released books and catching up on blogs via Google Reader
  • going to bed late and sleeping in
  • absolutely guilt-free pajamas days
  • hanging out with the lovely DP

There is no question that this is is the vacation I most want and need right now.  It’s a bit like being a university student but without the bother of classes and essays and with a greater disposable income.

Finally, our apartment is a wicked-great place for a stay-cation. I love the art and ceramics that we’ve collected; we’ve made our rented apartment into a lovely retreat from the noise and pollution of the city. The apartment is also spacious enough for DP and I to have our own office spaces and that makes for a very happy family. Stay tuned for a virtual tour of our apartment later this week.

What’s you favourite part of having a few days at home?


  1. Sounds like a great way to spend a holiday! We have been staying at home too, in London, which is frosty, so it's been all about real fires and DVDs. PS I'm now following you on twitter!

  2. I would like to be at your place right now, but could we go out for some street food? Because most of my jonesing to go to Bangkok is for culinary reasons.My favorite part of a few days at home is the chance to spend a lot of time in my study, which I recently redecorated. It is painted peacock blue and that just makes me unreasonably happy.Hope you find yourself falling at least a little bit in love with Bangkok as time passes. Or maybe, as we used to say in junior high, "in like."

  3. @VictoriaI know you've been having hellish weather in London but as a Canadian, I would happily swap places with you… in a nano-second. 35 degrees Celsius on New Year's Eve is just wrong!@CarolinaThat's exactly it. This time is absolutely luxurious in every way and I am grateful. @MaraYou are so lovely. While I do hope to fall just a little bit in love with BKK, I will settle with loving the things I can love.There's a guy who makes great pad thai just around the corner. Pad thai is considered a BIG treat here, actually. (I didn't know that until I arrived!)A peacock blue study sounds divine!@JessieVThe vacation was exactly what I needed and it happened when I needed it. I love the serendipity of that. Happy New Year!

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