The Sunday Lists (10)

Here’s what I’m enjoying right now:

1. “Flashing Lights” by the Vitamin String Quartet. I first heard this song on “So You Think You Can Dance” so it seems appropriate to share this clip.

2. Sara Bareilles’ album “Little Voice”.  Here’s the video for her song “Gravity”.

3. Leela Cyd.  Anne at Pret a Voyager recently introduced her readers to Leela who is currently on a nine-month journey through India, Vietnam and Turkey with her husband David.  Leela is working on a cookbook while they travel and I am really enjoyed her series entitled “The Fruits of India” ending, yesterday, with the pomegranate.

4.  The Japanese store Muji.  My friend Lynn got me addicted a few months ago and she seems to feel no shame about this.  In William Gibson’s novel Pattern Recognition the protagonist Cayce is a “cool hunter” who is, ironically, allergic to brand name items.  (She is most allergic to the Michelin Man… now that makes me laugh!)  Having visited Muji stores in both Singapore and BKK, I am convinced that Muji is the antidote to Cayce’s affliction; Muji makes beautiful, high quality products without the designer tag.

5. Committed by Elizabeth Gilbert
In the interest of complete book reviewer disclosure, I wish to confess that I did not love Eat, Pray, Love. It’s totally my kind of book and I really wanted to love it (really!) but I just didn’t. I found Eat, Pray, Love self-indulgent and that’s pretty much all I’m going to say about that.  Committed, however, hits all the right notes for me. Gilbert shares her own complicated personal narrative in which the author and her beloved Felipe, both staunchly anti-marriage, learn that they must marry in order for him to stay in the USA.  The magic of the book, however, lies in Gilbert’s ability to deftly weave the threads of her story into the tapestry of the greater story of marriage within the Judeo-Christian tradition.  The book is engaging, clever and I find myself rooting for Gilbert and Felipe.  Although this book is not released until January 5th in North America, I bought it on January 1st in Bangkok (?) and I have been staying up late at night to read it.  That’s a very good sign.

6. Sleeping in.  (I’m not going to lie about it!)

So what’s making you happy right now?


  1. Yummy list!!! My new kindle with international wireless download capability is making me happy right now… I love it! I'll have to get Elizabeth Gilbert's latest… it sounds very good. Miss you! xoxo – Sarah L.

  2. @Heather on her travelsI am so glad that the same music that is currently making me happy in Thailand is making you happy on the other side of the world.@Sarah L.Of course you have a kindle! (Okay… I'll say it… I AM a little jealous… but also happy for you!) I finished "Committed" last night and I loved it from start to finish.

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