Tuk-Tuk Love in Chiang Mai

I photographed this tuk-tuk in Chiang Mai on December 28th. It was not until I uploaded my shots this afternoon that I caught the yellow sign on the back.  The message reads:

I love farang*
No farang
No job I die
No boom boom
No baby
Welcome to
Chiang Mai
Happy New Year

*Note: the word ‘farang’ is used to describe foreigners and is most commonly used to describe white Westerners.

DP, our three friends and I certainly did (more than) our part to boost the economy of Chiang Mai – including that of the tuk-tuk sector – over the past week.

How did you spend your lovely Christmas holiday this year?


  1. I might try to get out to Chiang Mai with the family this year – we have an expat friend who is currently enjoying his retirement out there. It seems an interesting city, with lots to do around and see – how did you find it?

  2. @Heather on her travelsI really liked Chiang Mai. We stayed at a very cool place called Pak Chiang Mai which is is in the old city. I totally recommend the hotel; it was like a little sanctuary. We also loved the meals at a restaurant called "The Whole Earth". We went to the Saturday Walking Market which was packed but very cool. Thumbs up from us. And, as I have indicated, we all shopped.

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