On the virtues of staying home (in Bangkok)

Our living room. (The peach-coloured sofa and chairs came with the apartment but they are growing on us.)

It’s been blue seas and white sand for the last few posts but today we’re staying home. As I wrote here, we’re staying closer to home this school year and, for us, home just happens to be Bangkok right now. In the middle of this Thai City of Angels, on a narrow Soi off Sukhumvit Road, is the spacious apartment that we rent. We’re really happy here; the apartment is close to school and I’ve slowly been making it ours… decorating, little by little, for the last few months.  After Christmas, I’ll be writing a little series of posts about decorating the apartment… a sort of Apartment Therapy for the Global Nomad.

Speaking of home, when our friends visit at Christmas, we’ll finally have a chance to be tourists in our own city. I am quite certain that DP and I are not the only people for whom hosting guests is the best opportunity to explore ones home town. With no work commitments for three weeks, we’ll be visiting some of the most famous sights in Bangkok:
– The Grand Palace
– Wat Phra Kaew, the temple that houses the Emerald Buddha
– Wat Po, home of the enormous Reclining Buddha and the most famous Thai massage school in Thailand
– Cruise on the Chao Phraya River
– Khao San road, the (in)famous backpackers street
– The Jim Thompson House, a museum that houses Thai furnishings, arts and textiles

What else should we see and do? Don’t be shy!

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  1. I've never been to Bangkok, so I'll look forward to reading your adventures with your visitors.Playing tourist in your hometown can often be a revelation, and help you more truly appreciate where you happen to be at any given time.

  2. @Heather on her (lovely) travelsBangkok was fine and Chiang Mai was lovelier!@WanderlusterWe did not make it to the old part of the city in time for the monks but we did spend a quiet morning at Wat Pho where the (gigantic) reclining Buddha is housed.@DominiqueIt's true – it was good to play tourist in our own town. There's so much we have not yet seen and done.@AnonymousThanks! Great list.

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