Dreaming of white sand and Christmas in Thailand

It was a big day today. I finished a project that I have been working on for several months and I feel deliriously happy.  I’m having a white sand day. A blue sky day.  A Thai boat day.

Yesterday afternoon, I decorated our apartment for Christmas. This task took me all of seven minutes. I set up a little nativity scene made of tin that DP gave me when we lived in Mexico.  I placed Mary and Joseph and the baby Jesus inside a small wooden stable that I purchased (along with a smashing plastic camel) at the Christmas market near the Gothic Cathedral in Barcelona. The painted wooden Santa Claus that Damien found at the Great Market Hall in Budapest is making merry beside a bright red bowl.  Weirdly, I’ve misplaced our caganer so we’ll just have to get along without one this year (sorry, Jenny!) although I just found Caga Tio in the closet. He’s now squeezed in between the nativity scene and a Balinese dancer in the front foyer.

It’s cooler now in Bangkok. Locals are wearing jackets.There is a Christmas tree in the lobby of our apartment building in this most Buddhist of cities.

Three weeks from today, DP and I will be on vacation and three of my dearest friends, women I have loved for half my life, will be here in Bangkok. There will be day trips to temples in the City of Angels… and sleepovers… and good food and wine… and Christmas in Chiang Mai.  I am deliriously happy squared.

Over at The Mother of All Trips, Mara is dreaming of ways to raise money to build a school in Cambodia through Passports with Purpose. You can read about it here.

What are you dreaming of today?


  1. @CJThanks! It was a great, restful afternoon. You would have LOVED it.@DPI'm with you… CJ, I think we must be close to the beginning of our conversation about a visit. We'll spend it at the beach!

  2. I couldn't think of a better place to spend Christmas than in Chang Mai. Kathryn and I are still dreaming of hitting the road. As of this December, we are one-and-a-half years away from our intended departure date. Dreaming of elsewhere!

  3. DP – we are indeed reaching critical mass on the blog entry front. Monna keeps posting all those spectacular beach shots – what's a girl to do?It is the distance, not the 'venue' that gives me pause… nothing a few more sea, sand, & sun stories and photos can't overcome…

  4. @DanielOne and a half years sounds like the perfect amount of time to save some money… to plan and read and research… and to enjoy the anticipation. Enjoy the journey!@CJIt's a long haul… there's no question. Let us contemplate meeting in Bali. (Someplace with no stairs!)

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