Dreaming of the sea

… and I’m not going to be particular about which sea, either.  Any sea will do! All oceans are encouraged to apply.

DP and I both adore the sea. I recognize that it’s a cliche to say, “Water restores us”… but it does. We’ve been working particularly hard lately and have just finished our marking and our reports (woo hoo!) so we’re due for a bit of a break.  This weekend, we’ll be three and a half hours away from Bangkok, on the island of Koh Samed (also spelled Koh Samet), with friends from school… and we’ll be surrounded by the turquoise waters of the Gulf of Thailand. (I promise to post photos here!)

The sea in the photo above is the Agean; I took this shot at the sunset end of Oia on the island of Santorini.

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Tell us what you are dreaming of today…


  1. @MaraI love this shot too – even more since we've moved to Asia and a week's vacation in Greece is a pretty distant prospect.The beaches of Thailand are among the most relaxing places I've encountered on our travels. So lovely. And I was true to my word and shared some photos of Koh Samed.

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