Seeking Bangkok blogs…

Bangkok is a huge, sprawling, messy-sparkling gem of a city. There’s lots to do. There’s lots to eat. Ultimately, there’s a lot to write about… but I am having trouble finding good quality blogs about Bangkok. My criteria are simple: I am looking for English language blogs with well-written personal narratives or beautiful photographs or, preferably, both.

Here are five Bangkok blogs that I follow:

Newley Purnell, a freelance journalist in Bangkok, keeps me in the loop about what’s going on (right here, right now) in Bangkok and Thailand. When, shortly after we made the decision to move to Bangkok, the BKK airport was closed by political protesters, it was Newley Purnell who helped me understand what was going on with the red shirts and the yellow shirts. Check out his coverage of former Thai premier Thaksin Shinawatra’s newest job here.

2. Nomadic Tendencies
Ange, an Aussie based in Thailand, shares a photograph of Bangkok every day on her beautiful blog. Ange likes to get up close to things in her photography and the result is breath-taking. I’ve never met Ange but we like a lot of the same things: travel, photography, color, natural light, people-watching, and sitting in coffee shops. She also adores JJs Market which means she must be a kindred spirit.

3. Ginger Uprooted
This North American blogger has been teaching English in Bangkok since the fall of 2007.  After I found her blog, I actually went back to the beginning of her Bangkok days and followed her adventure chronologically. For me, reading her account of moving to a foreign country brings back such great – and difficult – memories from Colombia and Mexico. (There was not so much struggle in Barcelona!) Her more recent entries tend to be about her travels (we’ve been there… when being an ex-pat in the “exotic” place in which you live simply becomes normal, every-day life) and she includes great descriptions of, and photos from, her trips.

4. Austin Bush Photography
Austin Bush’s blog is so good… it’s like going on vacation. I began following his blog a couple of years ago in Barcelona and I remember, distinctly, being bewitched by his photographs of Thai food. Austin has been in Thailand since 1999; he writes and takes photographs for Lonely Planet and his articles and images have been published in various magazines, newspapers and books.

5. Jenny’s Blog
This is the blog of my lovely long-time friend Jenny. We met and became friends on a different continent.  She’s an educator as well so I understand why she she doesn’t update her blog space as often as she’d like but, if you visit her blog, you’ll find the stories of a mountain climbing, cycling and all-round extreme adventure-girl, her husband… and their cat Coco.

If you follow – or write – a great Bangkok blog, please leave the link. We’d love to follow it!


  1. Hi Monna,I posted a response over at nomadic, but I thought I'd respond here too. Thanks so much for your post. You're way too kind! I love reading your blog(s) and hearing of your travels. Actually it was a post on your slow blogs blog that inspired me to keep blogging, following my own rules instead of blogland's rules. So, thank you!Ange

  2. @AngeThanks for your comment. I LOVE your photography and am always delighted by your perspective on the tiny, complex corners of our city of angels. I really like how close you get to your subjects.

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