Perspectives on the Eiffel Tower

Mondays are for dreaming… especially this week! DP and I have been on vacation from our Bangkok school for nine days but October break is now over and we are headed back into the fray.

Paris has been on my mind lately… as she often is. (I confess that it’s easy to dream of Paris as I never associate the city of lights with work.)  Recently, I’ve been considering a trip to Paris in the spring. That’s not a plan yet… just an idea!

For now, here are two different perspectives on the Eiffel Tower. I’m dreaming of the Champs de Mars, the long, public green-space that runs between the Eiffel Tower and the Ecole Militaire. If there is a better city park, I’ve not found it yet.

Mara, over at The Mother of All Trips is also dreaming of Paris this Monday. Small world! Check out her weekly post – Mondays are for Dreaming.

How is your Monday shaping up?


  1. @jessievThanks! I always feel inspired in Paris.@AprilYou know what they say/sing: "I love Paris in the springtime… I love Paris in the fall…"@MaraIf you send me an e-mail, I will send the largest possible digital format to you. Wow… I hope you get to Paris in January of 2011. Chances are, of course, that I will be working but I would LOVE to meet up with you in Paris OR New York and walk around, take photographs and have a lovely cup of coffee. (Perhaps a pastry too!)

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