Five days & four nights in Singapore

The trip in a nutshell:

1. The transportation: Air Asia from BKK to Singapore

2. The hotel: Hotel Ibis Singapore on Bencoolen  (At  97 USD per night, this hotel is a steal!)

3. The sites: Raffles Hotel, Clarke Quay, Dempsey Hill, Chinatown, Little Arabia, the north end of the island and Orchard Road. (Next trip: the Zoo and the Botanical Gardens)

4. The food: Thai, Chinese, Indian and Singaporean (plus coffee and chocolate)

5. The strangest place we visited: Ikea (Why does a Canadian living in Bangkok go to Ikea in Singapore? Either you get this one or you don’t!)

6. The best surprise: The lovely service. Hands down. When we arrived at our hotel, the taxi driver said, “Have a nice stay in Singapore.” (This was a bit shocking for us.)  There is also a thriving art scene in Singapore and DP and I loved the galleries.

7. Things you should not be without in Singapore: water; taxi money, and an appetite! (Singaporeans eat constantly.)

8. The soundtrack for our trip: The music in Singapore, like everything in this diverse city-state, comes from every corner of the planet. There was a great playlist playing while our lovely host, Li-ling, and I were eating brunch at Jones the Grocer in Dempsey Hill. I especially liked “Quiereme” by Arielle Dombasle and “August Day Song” by Bebel Gilberto. (Thanks to the helpful woman at Jones the Grocer who found the names of the songs for me!)

9. DPs favourite thing: “The availability of everything.”

10. Monna’s favourite thing: This trip was totally happy-making; every aspect of our stay in Singapore was bubbly and easy and stress-free. For me, Singapore is a dessert-destination. It’s a nation-state of fluffy pillows and firm beds. Finally, it was the perfect place for a five day/four night break from our work-all-the-time lives in Bangkok.

What are the easiest places to which you have travelled? Which were the most challenging? Why?


  1. The easiest places I have traveled are to see family – but I think that might be outside the spirit of the question.On my own, the easiest place I've traveled to has been, oddly enough, China. I think because no one there was expecting me to act anything other than a foreign tourist. Sometimes when I travel in Europe, I feel like my very existence offends people. I never once felt that way in China.The most difficult place I've ever traveled to was Peru, but only because of the medical emergencies we experienced in my group. On a more even playing field, I find Catalunya frustrating. Here, even speaking Spanish is not enough – you have to speak Catalan.FYI, in lieu of email, I have begun internet stalking you and have discovered your lovely blog sites. You would think that in the two years I knew you before that I might have read them at least once, but I am not so much of a blogger. I am sorry for that. You have a wonderful writing style.If you cannot guess who I am by now, then I am not telling 🙂

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