Dreaming of Ikea (and Singapore)

Even I know how crazy this sounds… but today I am dreaming of Ikea. A week from now, we’ll have just arrived in Singapore for five days and four nights of sleeping in, eating well and visiting with our dear friend Li-ling. And we’ll be shopping… or I will be anyway!

It’s hard to imagine that I might be tempted by Ikea when we live near the famous Paul’s Antiques, a Bangkok store that specializes in refurbishing antique teak furniture. (In fact, we have already acquired three pieces from Paul’s… more about that in another post.) The things that I am longing for are small and simple… dinner napkins in bold colours, funky bath mats, candle holders, and the cutlery I love most. It will surprise no one who knows me that I actually have a list.

I promise to take lots of photos in picture-perfect Singapore but I really am going to Ikea!  (I think I can hear DP sighing!)

Mondays are for dreaming over at The Mother of All Trips.  What are you dreaming of today?


  1. I'm wondering, of course, about what you bought (or almost bought) at the Singapore IKEA. And, once deep into the store, if you could tell what country you were in or if, in fact, IKEA is IKEA, and it matters not what country you are in… ??I hope you are having a fabulous time and look forward to hearing the stories in this space ("pictures at eleven…")CJ

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