Sunset End of Santorini: Mondays are for Dreaming

On one of our last week-long holidays in Europe, we met our friend CJ in Athens, Greece. She was traveling from Ottawa, DP was flying in from Barcelona and I was arriving from London. Despite those pretty overwhelming odds, we found each other in the Athens airport and laughed in the face of all the delays associated with air travel. In various degrees of jet lag and work-related exhaustion, we ate lunch (or dinner… what time is it here?) and then boarded another (much smaller) plane to the island of Santorini.

Have you been to Santorini?  If you have, you are probably dreaming of it too.

Pictured above is the sunset end of the island, where the little, white-washed town of Oia clings to the rocks. This is where we stayed… 120 steps below the main road. Every evening, the tourists (and some of the locals, I suspect) head down to the end of the island to witness the day bid us a sweet “adios” (good-bye is literally “to God” in Spanish). While the day departs, the evening begins to comfort us, wrapping herself around us like an expensive scarf.

DP, CJ and I were unsure if these sunsets lived up to their billing as the most beautiful sunsets in the world but, nevertheless, I recommend the exquisite Santorini sunsets for whatever ails you including exhaustion or an aching heart.

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  1. Every once in awhile I get to say, in passing conversation because something germane has prompted it, "I was in Greece last April …"It makes me smile every time…CJ

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