In praise of blogger… and my new blog!

Part 1: In Praise of Blogger
As if it was not enough that DP and I changed continents (and schools, apartments, wardrobes and languages) in July of 2009, I found myself wanting to give my blog a makeover as well.

It must have been the peer pressure… so many people were buying their own domain names and jumping to Word Press. I even went so far as to contact a couple of people, including the intrepid Nomadic Matt, about how I would manage such a move.

Finally, my case of temporary blog-improvement-insanity passed permitting me to stop, slow down and prioritize what I really wanted in a blog:

1. A “brand” new blog name
I was searching for a blog name that would transcend both my work (teaching/counseling) and my home (Barcelona or Bangkok or wherever) so I have chosen my very own name: Monna McD. My crazy Scottish last name is too challenging for most people to pronounce correctly so McD seemed like a great short form. In the end, I decided not to pay an annual for something that Blogger provides for free and I have created a new blog called

2. Two blogs in one
The next thing on my wish list was a format that would bring together both my current blog Teacher Meets World and my former blog Barcelona Moments. Blogger has a feature that allowed me to export both of these blogs onto my desktop and then import them into the newly created Monna McD, complete with comments and labels. This took me, literally, 15 minutes.

3. A page of their own: About, FAQ, Travel Itinerary and Links
Currently, I have much of this information running down my sidebar and I find it cluttered and distracting. I wanted the ability to create a separate page for each of the following: About Me, Frequently Asked Questions, Links and our Travel Itinerary. This is one of the reasons that I found the tabs on Word Press so appealing. After some experimentation, I learned that I could open a new blogger blog for each of my four topics and link each back to my primary blog. I have turned off comments and removed the side bar.

4. A shiny new header
In that sweet, demure way that I am so famous for, I asked DP… and he made me a new header in thirty minutes. This is not the final header but it’s great for now. I’ve also had my first Photoshop class! (Please be warned… I am going to be a photoshop machine!)

From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank the kind and super-smart folks at Blogger for designing a platform straightforward enough for me to solve all of my own problems without spending a dime.

Part 2: Introducing Monna McD, the blog!
My new blog, Monna McD, is not a bouncing, new, baby-blog at all but a continuation of Teacher Meets World… and it contains every blog post I have ever written with the exception of those on Slow Blogs. I know… this is the kind of news that some bloggers lead up to for weeks but, honestly, one post is all that anyone should have to read about another blogger’s platform/hosting dilemmas and epiphanies.

Technical Stuff: How do you subscribe to the new blog?

If you subscribe through a reader:
If you use a reader, such as Google Reader, then you are savvy enough to add a subscription to and then delete Teacher Meets World. Thanks! (Please e-mail me if you need any help!)

If your receive new TMW blog posts via e-mail:
If you currently subscribe to TMW by e-mail, you will find that I have used your current subscription e-mail address to sign you up for the new blog. You will receive an e-mail shortly and all you have to do is click on the hyper-link to confirm that you would like to subscribe to the new blog via e-mail.
A word of WARNING: This subscription e-mail may go into your spam because it is not a recognized email address but it is definitely not spam and it will not harm your computer. Simply open it, click on the link and you will receive Monna McD in your inbox in exactly the same way that you currently receive Teacher Meets World.

This will be the last post in my TMW blog space but there will be no tears because nothing important is changing for you or for me. I am happy to welcome you at Monna McD.



  1. Congrats on the new blog! Imagine my surprise to read your facebook post concerning your new blog mere minutes after reading your "Europe, I miss you!" post. You certainly are a mover and a shaker!Jenny

  2. Looking forward to seeing more on the new blog format. Seems it was a pretty painless move.I have to say that having made the move to WordPress myself (which was moderately hard work) I think you'd be better in the long term on wordpress, with your own Domain name. You will have more control and no-one can take down your site on a whim. Also there's so much more flexibility in WordPress to develop, monetise etc over time. There are ways to automate moving over all your archives.Looking forward to hearing about your adventures in Thailand.

  3. A shiny new blog nicely timed with the start of a brand new school year…We all know that the new year REALLY starts in August/September, not January…… love the font on your new header …(gee, can you tell I work in a marketing department…)Carry on…CJ

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